Pirates of the Burning Seas
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Pirates of the Burning Seas — official site of the game.

PotBS User Content — the game's content submission and review page.

Burning Seas Community — multicultural community resource and forum for PotBS.

The Sint Maartens Zeevaarders Syndicaat — the Dutch-themed French merchant company guild for PotBS. Also check out their Forum!

Historic Sail

The Maritime Museum of Art, Greenwich — superior collection of maritime art from the 1500's on.

The Treasures of the Naval Base — a fabulous repository of period ship plans and models, from the Danish National Archives, Royal Danish Museum, and Library of the Royal Danish Navy. Be forewarned, many entries have no images available, and the info is all in Danish, but the treasures found in sifting through it are well worth the effort!

Chapman Net — an online edition of Fredrik Henrik af Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria, a shipbuilding treatise published in 1768.

The Vasa Museum — home of the world's only extant 17th century warship, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1628.

The East Indiaman Gotheborg — reconstructed 18th century Swedish East Indiaman, recently completed and preparing to disembark for China. Lots of info, photos, and even a movie!

The Lady Washington — replica Revolutionary-era brig based in Washington State. If you've seen the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" you've seen her in action. I had the pleasure of sailing aboard her in September of 2004.

The Mary Rose — site of the recovered Tudor warship, providing a wealth of information on ship design during the 16th century.

Histofig Naval — a French site with many nice resources, the most pertinent being Didier's Bible, a voluminous list of sailing warships from several countries dating from 1700 on.

Sailing Warships — another voluminous database of historic ship information, including many paintings.

Modelskipper.de — German site with a lot of ship and model building resources. Check out the "Fotos" section in particular.

The Marine Model Artists Co-operative — displaying many ship models from many countries and eras. Of particular interest are the Dutch frigates Oosterwijk and Eendracht.

Chinese Lugsails — not the prettiest of Web sites but it has a lot of information and links pertaining to Chinese junks and other junk-rigged ships. Highlights include Brian Platt's article on The Chinese Sail and a detailed look at a 19th century model of a sampan. Incidentally, Anthony Platt posthumously published his brother Brian's memoirs as the book, Parallel 40 North to Eureka. I highly recommend this book. Mr. Platt made history by being the first person to sail solo across the Pacific from west to east, and this firsthand account is highly engaging.